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Our Commitment

CITGO is dedicated to our core values: safety, health, environment, integrity, respect, fairness, social responsibility, availability and competitiveness. Our values guide everything we do as a company.

ESG Report
Fueling Good

To CITGO, Fueling Good is a spirit that recognizes good in our communities and brings people together to help make communities stronger.

Caring for the Coast
Environmental Protection, Conservation & Restoration

The nature of our business places great responsibility on CITGO to be a good steward of our shared environment and natural resources.

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Disaster relief volunteer
Disaster Relief and Resilience

When disaster strikes, the people of CITGO are ready to lend a hand to communities in need.

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STEM participants
Education and Social Investment

CITGO is committed to investing in education and the social needs in communities we serve.

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Mother and daughter in hospital setting.

Through charitable contributions, TeamCITGO volunteer efforts and the Simón Bolívar Foundation, CITGO supports initiatives that contribute to the health of people in need.

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CITGO Cares Volunteers repairing a home.
Community Involvement

CITGO gives back to the communities we serve in multiple ways, through corporate philanthropy and volunteer efforts.

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Fireman with Drone

Safety is our number one value. The work that we do involves handling complex equipment and hazardous materials.

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CITGO leadership
Leadership & Corporate Governance

CITGO makes strengthening corporate governance a top priority.

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Apply for Funding

We implement sponsorship and grant programs for communitie in strategic and operational areas.

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