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CITGO Operations

Our Operations

CITGO Petroleum Corporation is a refiner, transporter and marketer of motor fuels, lubricants, petrochemicals and other industrial products.


Our strategically located, deep conversion refineries in Texas, Louisiana and Illinois have a combined total refining capacity of approximately 807,000 barrels per day. Each refinery has the capability to process large volumes of heavy crude oil into a varied and flexible slate of refined products that include light fuels and petrochemicals. These refineries are among the safest, most environmentally sound and sophisticated in the nation.

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Corpus Christi



Terminals & Pipeline

Our extensive network of petroleum product terminals and pipelines is among the largest in the nation, offering the flexibility to store and distribute more than 70 different grades of products to our customers.

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Supply & Marketing

We market TOP TIER™ CITGO TriCLEAN® gasoline and unbranded commercial fuels to independent marketers who consistently rate CITGO as one of the best branded supplier companies in the industry. CITGO branded marketers sell motor fuels through more than 4,400 independently owned, branded retail outlets.

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In addition to numerous private labels, lubricant products are marketed under the CITGO, Mystik® and Clarion® brands with more than 2,200 individual formulations. Lubricants products are sold throughout the United States and in 41 countries around the world.

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Lubricant Blending

Lubricants and oils are manufactured through blending and packaging plants located across the country. An extensive line of finished agricultural, automotive, industrial and private label lubricants, oils and greases provide products for consumer, commercial and industrial customers.

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At CITGO, we’re working hard every day to refine, market and transport a wide range of gasoline, diesel and jet fuels to help power your life.

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